Sunday, December 9, 2012

Turkey, birthdays, accidents, and daylight or lack there of

To celebrate Thanksgiving I decided that our school should create a thankful turkey.  I got the idea to do a school wide art project while at an art workshop in Unalakleet.  Each student in the school was given a feather on which to write what they were most thankful for.  We then collected the feathers and made a gianormous (I love the movie Elf) turkey.  Here is the Brevig Mission Thankful Turkey.  Stay tuned for our next school project.

On November 28, Cate turned 6.  The day before her birthday she got a pair of shoes in the mail from her Nanna that were a little too big.  She said, "Tomorrow when I wake up they will fit becasue I will be 6 and my feet will be bigger."  I love that!! 

One morning on the way to school I tripped over Mocha's dog lead and fell six steps to the icy ground.  My right leg took the majority of the impact.  My leg and foot swelled and turned blue.  After being in pain for several days John finally made me fly to Nome to have a doctor look at it.  It was just a bad sprain so they gave me a splint and sent me home on a plane the same day.

The days are getting shorter here in Alasaka.  I have been taking pictures from my classroom to show everyone.  When we go to school in the morning it is dark.   The sun starts to come up at 11am.  The sun stays on the horizon for most of the day and starts to set around 4.  We haven't made it to the solsitce yet so I will update the daylight in a couple of weeks. 
4pm As I am leaving school.
11 am 

What do you do when it is negative temperatures and dark?  Go to a friends house and have a henna party.  My friend Liz was sweet enough to invite me and the girls over and share her henna paint.  She did all of our hands.  Isn't she talented!

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