Monday, November 12, 2012

Voting and Romance in Bush Alaska

Last Tuesday we had the privilege of voting for the first time as residents of Alaska.  We voted for the president at the Bingo Hall.  It was very official and yet old fashioned.  First, the ladies working knew who we were, but they had to check our I.D. anyway as is required by law.  We voted on paper ballots behind an old fashioned curtain that reminded me of going to vote with my dad in the early 80s.  When we were done we got "I voted" stickers written in Inupiaq.  By the time we got home and turned on the T.V.  the election was pretty much declared. We felt a little sad that our votes were not even counted yet.
Last Wednesday, November 7th, John brought me coffee during my morning reading group.  I was so impressed that he brought me coffee that I didn't notice the huge bouquet of flowers behind his back.  My students asked me if it was our anniversary to which I replied, "No."  John promptly said it is an anniversary for something read your card.  I opened a card that read thank you for saying yes 17 years ago.  I almost started to cry.  It was the anniversary of the day John proposed to me.    My students started chanting, "John loves Misty, John loves Misty."

Now remember we live in bush Alaska, which means the flowers came from Nome on a plane.  I don't even want to know how much that cost.  I do know that I married a sweet, sweet man and I am thankful he asked me to be his wife.

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