Friday, June 1, 2012

Kevin's Big Adventure

A few days before we left for the summer we got a great idea!  We decided to invite one of John's students to come spend a week and a half with us.   We were really excited that we get to share some of the south with Kevin Tocktoo.  Our trip from Brevig Mission to Atlanta, GA took about 21 hours.  Once in the South, Kevin got to visit three states:  Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  He got to go to the Braves game and Carrowinds amusement park.  We also shared some of our favorite redneck pastimes such as shooting off fireworks and going to Bass Pro Shop.

My mom really loved Kevin and was impressed by how sweet and polite he was.  He ate her southern cooking and even tried squash and fried okra.  We took him to one of our favorite greasy spots, Krispy Kreme.  He loved the hot glazed donuts, but, then again, who would not?
 Cate, Kevin and Claire in Greenville, SC
 Kevin has one foot in North Carolina and one foot in South Carolina.
 Carolina Cobra, the forward, then backwards, roller coaster.  I promise, Kevin and John are on it.

 Drop Zone. Takes you up 320 feet and drops you.
 Kevin left today to head back to Alaska.  I have to say he is a pretty brave kid to fly 5000 miles by himself with 4 layovers.  I don't think I could have done that at 16.

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  1. Kevin, Angie and I enjoyed your visit and we hope to see you again this fall when we visit Alaska.