Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's a busy life, but it's ours!

     Christmas vacation was awesome!   We enjoyed our visits with our family, and the kids enjoyed a little warmer weather, but getting home takes us about 24 hours.  Sometimes I forget how far north Alaska is.  We returned from vacation on New Years Eve and were able to participate in the village's New Year celebration.  We didn't quite make it to midnight due to jet lag, but we did get to see some fun games and Eskimo dancing.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I don't have pictures to post.  We were overwhelmed with how happy everyone was to see us return.  We really felt like a part of the community.
     Since school started back in January we have been super busy.  We flew to Teller for a teacher in-service in January, and since basketball season has begun we have been busy every Friday and Saturday working concessions.  The girls -- especially Cate -- enjoy concessions because it is the one time a week we allow them to have excess sugar.  My first grade class played a mini-basketball game before the high school boys played on Friday.  We needed one more player, so Cate volunteered.  Here is a picture of her taken by our friend, Darla Tocktoo.

    We have experienced record cold temperatures for the Moore family.  Our Georgia bones got to feel -40 temperatures.  Now, I have to admit that is cold, especially when the wind is blowing.  Luckily the last week has been warm with temperatures in the 20s.
This is what neg. temps will do to you:)
Here are some photos of the snow drifts we have around our house.

     John travelled to Juneau for a week in February to attend the state Headstart meeting.  He is the policy council rep for our local Headstart.  John said Juneau was beautiful but a little grey.  Apparently, the off- season is the time to visit because there are no cruise ships and influx of tourists.  Here are some pictures he took while in Juneau.

     We try to get outside and do activities when it is not too cold.  The girls got ice skates for Christmas so we went to the lagoon to skate; however, because it had just snowed we had only a small patch of ice to skate upon that was not covered in snow.  One of my students, Melissa, followed to watch us.  Check out her beautiful "parkee".

     On February 3, my class celebrated the 100th day of school.  We made the number 100 with the help of the kindergartners.  We had a great day!

     The sun is coming back.  We no longer have just twilight.  We are adding about 6 minutes of sun a day, and it is now staying light until 6pm.  This past Sunday was so beautiful and bright that we decided to ride out to one of the mountains to slide in the snow, snap some pictures, and enjoy the beauty.

    We are lucky to have a grant that fits our students with cross country skis.  Claire is learning to ski and loves it.  John, don't laugh, is the new cross country ski coach for the high school.  Here is a photo of Claire with her friend Shannon.  

    Have a blessed month and keep the Moores in your prayers.  God is good!

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