Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We officially moved out of our home of 12 years.  We were fortunate to have a friend rent our home from us!  We were both sad to pack up the house that we bought together as a young couple and the home where our little girls were born.  I became teary eyed as I remembered the first meal we shared in our home -- take out on the floor of our empty living room.  Even with the flood of emotions we are excited for our future and are ready for a new start.  Things we will miss about Atlanta... our home and friends.  Things we will not miss... endless traffic, lines, road rage, and the overall urban attitude. 

We are spending the next month visiting family.  The first week of July was spent in Fredericksburg, VA at my sister's home.  We took Claire and cousin Will to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  They share my love of history.  Cate and cousin Avery, the tiny dancers, enjoyed the Degas statues and paintings at the National Art Museum.

This week we are in Williamston, SC visiting my parents, Nanny and Poppy.  Our cat, Princess Peach, will live the next year here and has adjusted well to her new surroundings.  We have spent most of our time relaxing, swimming, reading, swinging on the Oak tree, and eating my mom's cooking.  The last week and a half we will spend in Rome, GA visiting John's parents, grandma and grandpa. 

Many people have asked us how we are getting our personal belongings to Brevig Mission.  Well... our new home will be furnished so we have sold or stored most of our furniture.  We have shipped via US post office most of our personal items.  I think we have shipped about 40 boxes and I am worried we are on the bad list of the person from the school collecting our boxes -- sorry, John L.!  I think 40 boxes for a family of four is pretty good, though.  We have shipped toys, towels, books, bedding, kitchen stuff, pillows, food, clothes...etc.  The post office in McDonough has begun to despise us.  We both agree, however, that this moving thing has not been so bad.

The kids are nervous about moving and making new friends.  This is understandable for their ages and this has become John's and my biggest prayer.  Claire who is seven is very worried about fitting in.  Cate who is four is worried about bears.  They are not really aware of what awaits them in the form of air travel.  I really do not think John and I do either!!

Our next blog will be from Brevig Mission, Alaska in three weeks! :)  Please keep us in your prayers!


  1. I am so excited for yall and the opportunities for adventure the next year will bring! Can't wait to follow your adventures on the blog....

  2. Have I mentioned I really admire you all for making this jump?
    Your house looks beautiful, you won't regret shipping up all those totes to help make your home feel like home.